User Commands

Client Commands

/msg <player> <message>message a specified player
/me <message>Puts your text into a purple color

Console Commands

grass.on true/falseEnables or disables grass; Improves FPS for some
grass.displacement true/false Enables or disables grass displacements.
terrian.idleinterval 0-100 Sets how often to draw unseen terrian; setting to 0 will disable.
gui.showTurns the ui on.
gui.hideTurns the ui off.
gui.show_brandingTurns the branding ui in top-right cornor on.
gui.hide_brandingTurns the branding ui in top-right cornor off.
net.connect "Server IP"Connect to a direct server IP.
net.disconnectDisconnects from a server.
net.reconnectReconnect to the last server you were on.
censor.nudity falseDisabled censorship.
quitQuits the game.